Saturday, April 27, 2013

All City Elementary Art Show

Prescott was well represented at the first All City Art Show for elementary schools.  Each school was invited to display 10 works.  The students from Prescott were (from top left to right) Kayla R. (Grade 8), Avery M. (Kindergarten), Juan Karlo D. (Grade 6), Corey G.(Grade 8), Monica R.(Grade 3), Keyshana E.(Grade 8), Arely U.(Grade 7), Giana C.(Grade 2), Maya A.(Grade 1), and Analiz G.(Grade 3).  There were over 15 schools participating.   Congratulations to the participants on their creative and talented work!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Lesson in Greek Architecture

Sample Second Grade Work
Ionic columns are topped with scrolls.
Doric columns are flat. 
Corinthian columns are much more ornate.
Now you know all about that!

The first and second graders are learning about these three types of columns that were invented by the ancient Greeks.  They looked at examples in buildings including the Parthenon, they learned the parts of the columns, and they sculpted a pillar of their choice out of clay.  The following photos show some of the messy fun.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Earth Day Apps

Samuel's i phone

Ava's phone

Justin's i phone

Keshawn's i phone

Christa's i phone

Briana's i phone

Ally with her Apps
Mrs. Kirshner's class finished their latest project just in time for Prescott's Earth Day celebration.  They created symbols to represent ways they could help the environment.  These became apps on a giant i phone.  They had fun pretending to talk on the giant phones and were imagining what ring tone it would have.  They came up with some great ideas like recycling, turning off lights, conserving water and planting trees.  Hopefully they can practice these things at home!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One-Point Perspective Landscapes

Analiz G., Grade 3

Ryan, Grade 3

Lily, Grade 3

Antonio, Grade 3

Catherine, Grade 3

Monica, Grade 3

Adrian, Grade 3

Jason, Grade 3

Hugo, Grade 3
To follow the pop art perspective pictures, the third graders have created some one-point perspective scenes.  They began with a horizon line and one vanishing point.  They then used aerial perspective to create clouds that get smaller towards the horizon.  They created trees and buildings on the sides and a street or river on the bottom.  They got creative in their designs of these parts of the pictures, and they finished their work by adding color with watercolor paints.  Next they will attempt 2-point perspective!

Sprouting Spring Trees

Rejhan's Tree

Maya's Tree

Grace's Tree

Esteban's Tree

Cindy's Tree

Olivia's Tree

The first and second graders will be exhibiting some beautiful tree paintings at a local restaurant in May.  They will show their fall, winter and spring trees, and they have written about the lines, colors and techniques used in their work.  For their spring trees, the students used curling lines and light colors to represent new growth.  They added yellow paint to the blue sky to make a light green color for the spring leaves.  They added flowers to the branches.  Visit Wishbone Restaurant in May to see more of their work!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sunny Sunflowers

Martha's Bouquet

Alana C's Flowers

Charlie's Sunflowers

Cooper's Flowers

Teige's Flowers

Ozzy and Jack V.

Mariah and Dasha

Harrison and a Sunflower

Jack P. and Nate found some space on the floor.

Grey and his Sunflower

Sharing the Fun
The Kindergarten classes have been studying Vincent Van Gogh's sunflowers.  They studied his famous paintings, and they learned about Vincent and his artwork.  They investigated some real sunflowers, noticing some details that they didn't know about the flowers.  Using brushes and also some finger painting, they did their own versions of the famous painting.  They also heard stories about Vincent, Gauguin and Vincent's brother Theo.  Be sure to ask them about Van Gogh to see what they can teach you!

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