Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yes we Kandinsky!

Yellow, Red, Blue by Wasilly Kandinsky

Carlos, Grade 3

Christina, Grade 3

Elijah, Grade 3

Jakyla, Grade 3

Third Grade Artists at Work
Mrs. Phares's third graders revisited the work of an abstract artist about whom they learned last year.  Wasilly Kandinsky creates abstract paintings with lines and shapes that give a sense of energy and movement.  I thought this would be perfect for such an energetic group of students.  They studied his painting Yellow, Red, Blue.  They imagined images in his work ranging from grafitti to robots.  They chose 5 lines and 5 shapes they liked in his work, and they used them to create their own Kandinsky-inspired work.  They added color with crayons and watercolors.  If you visit school, be sure to read their opinions and thoughts on Kandinsky that are displayed with their work. 

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