Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chagall's America Windows

Chagall's Windows on Display at the Art Institute
As one of our many Chicago-themed projects in Mrs. Phares's third grade class, the students recently finished their own versions of Marc Chagall's America Windows.  His famous six-panel work celebrates the country as a place of cultural and religious freedom, detailing the arts of music, painting, literature, theater, and dance. Because of his admiration for Chicago and its strong commitment to public art during the 1960s and 1970s,  Mr. Chagall dedicated the windows to Mayor Richard J. Daley, a great supporter of public art projects.  These beautiful windows are one of my favorite things to see when I visit the Art Institute of Chicago!  Our students made their own versions with wax paper, sharpies, tissue paper and glue.  They kept the theme of "the arts" and discussed all of the different ways people participate in the arts before they designed their composition.  Here are a few from our classroom!

Castle Construction

We found some decorative "moss", stones and "vines" in our craft cabinet.
The fifth graders learned how to roll a slab of clay, how to score and slip clay to attach pieces, and how to smooth forms and add texture.  They applied these skills to a castle project, and their work shows they got it!  They rolled a large slab, cut windows, doors and stone texture into the slab, and rolled it around a cardboard tube.  I love how they built off of the basic form to add their own ideas and details.  They made spires, flags, stairs, windows, draw bridges and other interesting details that make them all different. Check them out in the glass cases at the entrance to Prescott! 

They made flags out of felt and wire.

Some students finished early and made dragons to protect their castle.

Melanie made a moat and bridge.

Discounted Summer Art Opportunity!

Last summer, I know of at least one Prescott family that signed up for classes at The Paintbrush.  I saw this ad online and wanted to share it with you all.  It looks like a good deal, and I would love for my students to be painting over the summer like I plan to!  Check out the link and see if it's a good fit for your child.  

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