Monday, August 31, 2015

Welcome Back!

Art Matters!

I am excited to see the students next week!  Summer was wonderful, and I am so happy to hear many Prescott students took advantage of arts opportunities around the city.  Have them bring any new work to school, and I can add pictures of it to their Artsonia portfolio!  For parents new to the Prescott community, Welcome!  As Prescott's art teacher, I post to this blog a few times each month so you can see the creativity of our student artists and have easy access to our online art gallery and our donation pages (links are at the top of the page).  We will be very busy this year!  Each grade level will be drawing, painting, sculpting, printing and working with clay.  I vary lessons and collaborate with classroom teachers, so my syllabi are never written in stone, but we follow the following basic outline:
Kindergarten:  The Art of Children's Literature
Grade 1:  Art Around the World
Grade 2:  Famous Artists and Art Movements
Grade 3:  The Art of Chicago
Grades 4-5:  Renaissance Art:  Proportion and Perspective
Middle School:  Identity and Self Portraiture

Don't forget to explore Artsonia and find your student's portfolio!  20% of any purchase you make comes back to the art program in the form of art supplies. 

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