Tuesday, November 24, 2015

World Architecture in Watercolors

After finishing their Chicago Architecture unit, the middle school students have been looking at famous buildings all over the world.  I first had them choose a country they liked.  Most of them chose based on soccer teams they like.  We then used  www.greatbuildings.com as a resource and followed the link to that country.  On this website, they list buildings in each country that are considered famous.  I had them decide which building they liked, and they then researched facts about the building.  We stopped every once in a while to look up the answer to questions that we wondered about as we worked.  For example, "What was the Church of St. Francis designed to look like?"  or "How much would it cost to stay one night in the Burj Khalifa?" or "How do they keep the Leaning Tower from falling over?"  I had them draw, trace with marker and then erase using only lines.  Then, they used watercolors to fill in color.  They look great on display.  I had fun seeing which buildings they chose, and I learned about some new buildings myself!   
Aliyah, Grade 8, St. Basil's Cathedral, Russia

Gabe, Grade 7, The Colosseum, Italy

Maryann, Grade 8, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Japan

Amanda, Grade 7, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Melanie, Grade 6, Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates

Shamar, Grade 8, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Brazil

Quin, Grade 6, Familia Sagrada, Spain

Jackie, Grade 8, St. Basil's Cathedral, Russia

Exploring Lascaux

Lascaux, France
The first grade students are beginning a series of cultural art units.  Before we begin learning about the art of India, Australia, Japan, and other countries, we thought about who we thought made the very first piece of art.  Students had lots of answers that ranged from Picasso and George Washington to Jesus, but we decided there was no real way to know.  We can only guess by studying the oldest art we know.  Then we had fun looking at the oldest art that has been discovered.  We explored some caves around the world with ancient paintings, including this cave in Lascaux.  Students listed colors and images they saw, and then they referenced these lists as they made their own cave drawings.  We, of course, had to display them in a cave, so we built one in the classroom!  

Our 1st Grade Cave

Cave Images from our Classroom

Art Club Community Service

Toy Soldiers, Jack-in-the-Box Wreaths and a Toyland Train
The Prescott Art Club finished a community service project this morning.  They are making some decorations for Alliant Credit Union to use as they decorate for an event at O'Hare Airport.  Each year, they help host a holiday event for underprivileged children called the United Airlines Fantasy Flight.  Participants take a ride around the runways on a plane, and when they arrive at a terminal, it is decorated like the North Pole.  Santa brings gifts, and they have a holiday party.  Our students love making these decorations for the terminal.  They hope to brighten the holidays for other children.  It's fun to see them so excited to help.  This year, we tried to make things with a "Toyland" theme.  Here are a few photos of our work.
Sean, Martha and Landra decorate a wreath with toys.

Mariah, Daniel and Ethan work on a toy store backdrop.

Esteban, Dimitri, Ian and Josue added jack-in-the-boxes to their wreaths. 

Ruby and Ruth glued feathers on the soldiers.  

American Sculpture: Martin Puryear

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