Friday, May 20, 2016

Art Show Stars

Congratulations to the Art Show winners:  Lily, Zitlhaly, and Monica!
Our annual art show was a great success!  The 3-8th graders' exhibits looked fantastic, and the judges were impressed with them all.  Martha Dunfee, Tamia Rodriguez, Kimani Glasper, Maryann Espinosa,  Giana Canieso, Amanda Hurtado and Leo Kupriyanov all received rave reviews from the judges.  The winners were:  Lily Masters in first place, Zitlhaly Cardenas in second, and Monica Rivas in third.  Below are photos of their stellar work and of the event.  The Poetry Slam is a great addition to the show, demonstrating our students' writing and performing arts skills.  Winners Sydni Nicholson, Jaiden Perez, Leo Kupriyanov and Aliya Segura impressed us all with their powerful words and delivery.  Congratulations, artists!

Lily Masters, First Place

Zitlhaly Cardenas, Second Place

Monica Rivas, Third Place

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Kids as Curators

What would it look like if we let kids hang their own artwork in a gallery?  I'm excited to announce that the K-2nd grade student artists of Prescott are going to have a chance to show us!  In art class, each student has created a painting to display, and on June 3 they will have a chance to come hang it in a gallery in the Pilsen Art District.  Chicago Art Department, located at 1932 S. Halsted St. (suite 100), will be open from 5-7PM on Friday June 3rd.  Their artwork will be at the gallery, and students can come with a guardian to create a name tag, choose a spot on the wall, and hang their masterpiece.  On Saturday, June 4, we hope to see as many Prescott families as possible at an artist's reception for the students.  There will be snacks, an art activity and a photo booth in addition to the student-curated show.  Here are some pictures of kids creating their art show pieces in art class this spring.  I hope to see you at the event!

June 3:  5-7PM,  Hang artwork.
June 4:  2-4PM,  Celebrate with the artists!

Volunteer!  If you can help us with this endeavor, contact Edyta (mother of Maks in grade 1) at:
  • Provide snacks.
  • Bring supplies and help hang work.
  • Sponsor a classroom's frames for $30 (Money used for Dollar Store frames for each piece)
  • Serve snacks.
  • Supervise the art activity.
  • Supervise the photo booth.
  • Set up or clean up.
Mrs. Kirshner's class is painting fairy tale queens and kings.

Ava's King

Kamryn's Queen

Kindergarten Turtles by Eli and Kyle

Jonny's detailed painting!

American Sculpture: Martin Puryear

Martin Puryear is a 79 year old sculptor who lives in New York.  He has traveled the world to study art and craft traditions, and he has rec...