Wednesday, November 9, 2016

African Textiles: Printing vs. Weaving

Kindergarten students have been comparing two ways artists make beautiful fabrics in Africa.  We read stories of African folktales, and we looked at African textiles.  Students tried weaving to get an idea of how kente cloths are made.  They stamped patterns to experiment with adinkra printing.  In January, Ms. Lindsey will be teaching them more about African culture as they work on a unit about Ghana!

Eliana is adding patterns to her woven "kente" strips.

William and Henry are proud of their work!

Homemade Adinkra stamps from craft foam and wooden circles.

Josue and Henry

Lacey and Haynes

Emiliano, James and Salam

Fiyin, Anita and Julia

Salam and James

Patrick, Bria, Mateo, Elsa, Francesca, Yasmine

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