Thursday, September 14, 2017

Third Grade Rock Stars

Have you heard? Kindness rocks!  Have you found rocks in your neighborhood painted by artists, but left to be found by strangers?  Prescott's Social Worker, Nancy Hannah, mentioned The Kindness Rocks Project to me this summer, and she asked if I would collaborate to try the project at Prescott. The daughter of one of my friends was participating in the project through her school, and she was telling me how excited the kids were to participate.  Mrs. Hannah and I decided to plan a day in art class for the third graders at Prescott to participate in this project.

Mrs. Hannah came to third grade art this week, and the students designed rocks with a positive message to place around the city.  The hope is that a stranger will find the rock, and it will brighten their day.  I hope that this is a social-emotional learning experience, considering the idea is for them to part with their own artwork to benefit a stranger.  The kids just have to trust that their rock is found by someone who appreciates it!  Here are some photos of their work.  If you would like to read about the Kindness Rocks Project, check out this link.

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