Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tiny Farms

The fifth grade classes finished their Grant Wood studies last week, and I decided to plan one more clay project for them.  I kept the theme of landscapes, but I had them sculpt a tiny scene.  They carved various textures into a slab, and they added creative details.  With the paint, I had them focus on creating contrast with various greens and various patterns.  They loved this project, it did not use much clay, and the products turned out well.  Here are photos of some finished work and some works in progress!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Earth Day Art Show

The 2018 Prescott School Art Show brought the school community together in honor of art and the environment.  I collaborated with science teacher Mrs. Edwards throughout the school year to plan this event for our students.  They learned about climate change and global warming in both science and art classes.  They researched topics including the impact of our carbon footprints, rising sea levels, extreme weather events and environmental policy.  They brainstormed art projects to show their opinions, and they built prototypes to meet engineering challenges that solve problems associated with climate change.  The art and engineering projects have filled the entire second floor of the school building.  Here are some photos highlighting the exhibition.

7th graders created sculptures for an installation  about the increase in forest fires due to climate change.  They each built a sculpture by arranging painted plastic on a dowel rod, and the individual sculptures were arranged to look like a spreading fire.  

We took over the 2nd floor of the building to build our own art gallery!

Adrian, Ava, Antonio and Ryan created these paintings.

Art was displayed on the walls and on the ceiling!  The 8th graders created wind turbines and creatively decorated them. 
Zitlhaly and Kevin's pieces seem to connect.  Zitlhaly was our first place winner for her painting "The Other Side of Lady Liberty"

Kindergarten through 5th grade students were challenged to create sculptures from plastic bottles.  This cat, made by Martha, won first prize for grades 3-5.

Maks loves robots and created this plastic robot named Freddie.

Elizabeth's sculpture had floating water lilies.

Sheridan created an octopus from bottles.

Nate and Giana had beautiful paintings, and Giana's painting Heavy won third place!

Ava, Michelle, Corey and Olivia's paintings.  Ava's painting, Melt Ice Cream Not Icebergs won 2nd Place!   
Melanie, Alex, Kiyah and Karla's Paintings

6th Graders created mosaic paintings.  They used small icons of environmental solutions to fill shapes that tie in with our theme of Earth Day and carbon footprints. 
Keshawn, Jaiden, Ava, Marshawn and Janaya's Paintings 
Leo, Manuel and Klaudia's Paintings 
Esteban, Briana, Ian and Kiarie's Work

Gael, Giavana, Ethan and Amanda's Paintings

We displayed photos from our shared Instagram account on branches throughout the school.  These photos show litter that was cleaned up by our students throughout the year.

Ciara, Kai and Andrew's Work 
Zak, Aiden and Sebastian's Paintings

 Engineering projects were designed to solve specific environmental problems.
Prototypes matched the final models.

Keshawn's painting was about forest fires in California. 
The hallway as an art gallery...

Sean painted about how Republicans and Democrats need to find common ground.

Xander made a rocket from recycled plastic. 
Kiarie painted about taking advantage of the moment to help our environment by showing our past and our possible future.

Christa's mosaic painting shows the beauty of nature. 
Elizabeth with her plastic sculpture

Olivia focused on ways we can help:  alternative energy, planting trees, avoiding pesticides and preventing bioaccumulation.

Lucas with his Robot

Juniper's castle had a drawbridge!  Her mom told me she made a prototype before she made the actual sculpture.

Alissa Reading About Ciara's Art

Riley and the Red Hots Performed Live!

Iakov enjoyed snacks as he toured the show.  Thank you to all of the parents who donated delicious snacks!

Sisters Giana and Andi Enjoying the Band

Maks with Freddie the Robot

It was great collaborating with Mrs Edwards and Ms. Gow.  There is no way this show would worked without help and support from the homeroom teachers!

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