Friday, March 23, 2018

Enter the Earth Day Art Show

Happy Spring Break!  

I hope you all have a restful and fun break this week.  If students have spare time, it would be a great time to make an entry for this year's Art and Engineering Show:  STEAMed About Climate Change.  The show will highlight work and research done by our Middle School students in Science and Art.  They have been studying issues relateing to the health of our planet, and their art and engineering projects will show their views.  Plan to see their work!

When:  Friday, April 20
5:30-7:00 PM
Where: Prescott School, 2nd Floor

Part of this year’s show will be an art-making challenge for the K-5th grade students. Students are challenged to use recycled plastic bottles to make a piece of original art.


  • Use only plastic bottles (bottle caps are also fine) and adhesives of your choice.
  • Art will be exhibited on a tabletop, and each project should take up no more than 18x18 inches of table space.
  • Attach a label to each entry with the title, student name, and student grade level. See Ms. Ammons if you do not have one.
  • Entries are to be made at home and are due to Ms. Ammons in the Art Room no later than April 16th.
All entries will be exhibited at the art show, and ribbons will be given for the top 3 most creative entries in grades K-2 and 3-5.  Be creative! Contact me (Art Teacher Ms. Ammons) with any questions!

Need some inspiration?  Read about the art of Veronika Richterova who makes beautiful sculptures from recycled plastic bottles.
Veronika Richterova                                                         

Monday, March 12, 2018

Go See the 8th Grade Art Exhibit!

The 8th graders will have paintings on display for 2 months, beginning March 15.  The exhibit will be at Goddess and Grocer, located at 1649 N. Damen Ave in the Bucktown neighborhood.  The work on display will be acrylic paintings that were completed by the 8th graders in the fall.  They reviewed acrylic painting techniques such as compositional balance, color mixing, and brush techniques while designing their own individual paintings.  I love how their work shows different styles but also how they go together so well as a group.  They seemed to be very comfortable with this medium after having used paint for their art show pieces the past few years.  It's great to see how far they have come!

STEAMed About Climate Change

The middle school students are preparing for the annual art show.  This year's theme is climate change.  They have been learning about climate change in science class and in art class, and they are working on art and engineering projects that both highlight and offer solutions to problems associated with this growing problem.  Below are some works in progress.  The art show will be April 20th at Prescott from 5:30-7:00.  Students in grades K-5 are also encouraged to enter the show by creating art with recycled plastic bottles.  See Ms. Ammons for details!

8th Graders built working wind turbines and turned them into artistic mobiles.

7th Graders are creating Chihuly-inspired fire sculptures with research facts on the base.  Their research and the sculptures will be an installation about how climate change is contributing to an increase in frequency and severity of forest fires.

Nate painted this artistic tree that shows a struggle between  nature and industrialization.

Manuel is illustrating a quote about seeing the reality of climate change  rather than ignoring the problem.

Zitlhaly is showing air pollution by painting a masked Lady Liberty.

Klaudia is showing melting ice and pollution in her painting.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Prescott's Auction Art, Year 6!

It's hard to believe this year was the 6th annual Prescott Auction.  As usual, the art students worked together to create art to donate to the event.  Each homeroom completed a collaborative art piece.  Most of them are collage projects, but some were solely paintings.  Below are some photos of the kids working on the pieces as well as the final products.  It's always fun, and they seemed to be a hit again this year.

Ruth Cutting Lightbulbs

Landra, Nate and Maleah Painting Windows

Isabella, Alissa and Rhea adding Cars

Elyza, Sydney, Isabella and Justina Adding "Drips"

Mrs. Reilly's Class, Grade 5

Mrs. Blundy's Grade 2

Ms. Clemens' Grade 4

Mrs. Stewart's Grade 1

Ms. Gow's Grade 7

Mrs. Schuster's Grade 5

Ms. Birnbaum's Grade 2

Ms. Lindsey's Kindergarten

Mrs. Phares's Grade 3

Ms. Stefan's Grade 3

American Sculpture: Martin Puryear

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