Friday, April 17, 2020

Perspective in Space

This week, you will use what you know about value to create a new project.  As we learned last week, value can make a shape look 3-D.  It can also create the illusion of depth in a scene.  As you approach the horizon in a scene, the value of the background color typically gets lighter.  Notice, in this photo, the blue sky is darker at the top edge, and it is lighter at the horizon.  It is a blue value scale! 

 Follow the directions for each day so that you can finish your work by Friday!

MONDAY:   For this week's project, you will begin by creating a background for your scene.  This background will be a value scale that fills the page.  The darkest value will be at the top, and the lightest value will be at the bottom.  You can use any cool color:  Blue, Violet or Grey.  Color EVENLY and smoothly!

Ms. Ammons's Example
TUESDAY:  Today you should find some items around the house that you can trace to make circles.  Trace 4-6 circles, of differing sizes, on a new sheet of paper.  Use what you know about value and blending to shade these circles and make them look like spheres.  (Just like we did for your sports project earlier in the year.)  These can be any colors you choose.   You can keep it various values of grey if you don't have color pencils.  Don't forget to make them different sizes!  They will become planets.

Ms. Ammons's Example

WEDNESDAY:  Today you will create a simple room using perspective.  Watch this video, and I'll lead you through it.  You will need a ruler or something with a straight edge, a new paper, a pencil, markers (or crayons), and a credit card sized card to trace.

THURSDAY:  Today you will use your work from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to make a COLLAGE!  Cut out the circles and the walls of your room drawing, and glue them onto your background.  Use a magazine to add creative details to your work.  Be sure you cut and glue neatly so that you make your work look its best.
My Example:  I was careful when I cut things out and glued them.  I found some random pictures in a magazine to make the scene look a little bit more surreal and fun.  No magazines?  Do some drawings or use photos!  Here are some other images I found on the internet that other students did!  

FRIDAY:  Upload your work to Artsonia, and write an artist's statement on Artsonia.  If you can't remember how, instructions are here:

I can't wait to see your work!


  1. Im not sure if i have magazines what do i do if i don't?

    1. You can make drawings and include them. You could use images from the newspaper. You could use photos. Lots of options!

  2. This is Archer - I did my Thrusday project on Wednesday and sent it to you.

  3. my work is kinda uneven would i have to star over?


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