Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Ed Ruscha's Word Power

There is so much going on in the world right now, and each one of you matters.  One of my favorite things about art is that it gives us the chance to express ourselves.  It gives us a voice.  This week, I want to challenge you to speak your mind.  

What is important to you right now?  Just think of one word.  Is it love, hope, or joy?  Is it justice, health, safety or peace?  Is it simply summer and fun? Can you think of other words?  CHOOSE ONE WORD for this week's art project!

News, by Ed Ruscha, 1970

Ed Ruscha is a Los Angelas artist who is originally from Oklahoma.  He uses images of words as the theme for much of his art.  Begin by reading and watching a short video about him and looking at some of these drawings he did:

Your challenge this week is to CHOOSE ONE of these projects to complete using the word you chose.

PROJECT 1:  Use what you have learned about VALUE and PERSPECTIVE to make an observational drawing in the style of Ed Ruscha.  You will use strips of paper to spell out your word, and you will draw the paper strips using value and perspective.
                                       Sample Student Work from:  A Faithful Attempt

PROJECT 2:  Use value and perspective to draw a picture of Chicago, and make a stencil of your word over the background.  Follow along with this video, but make your background show our city, and use your best drawing skills.   Video from The Broad Museum

Don't forget to upload your work to Artsonia!  
www.artsonia.com/class  Code:  WCCP-WSTF

Goals for this week's projects: (4=A, 3=B, 2=C, 1=D)
  • Did you think about filling your page and working with details to make your work neat and complete?
  • Did you consider perspective and keep it consistent?  One-Point, 2-Point or Aerial?
  • Did you color evenly and with a variety of smooth value transitions?
  • Did you choose a word carefully and explain how it works in your picture and shows how you feel?

I hope this is fun, but I also hope it gives you a chance to tell us how you are doing.  I miss you, and I am thinking of you as we all get through this time together!

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