Friday, January 29, 2021

Abstract Identity Landscapes

When something is really meaningful to us, we remember it!  Our memories become part of our identity.  Our past affects us, and we often think back on our life as we make choices moving forward.  In this project, you will reflect on some memories and use them as a subject for your art.  

I have chosen two artists to inspire us:  Pierre Bonnard and Helen Frankenthaler.  Bonnard was an impressionist, and Frankenthaler was an abstract expressionist.  Both of these artists painted from memory.  They each tried to express the feeling of being in a place they were remembering.  This means they had to really think about the mood of the moment and express visually how they were feeling.  This is tricky!  

Luckily, we know that some colors express certain moods.  We know Picasso used blues when he was feeling sad and pinks when he was happier.  We know the sayings of people being "green" with envy or "red" with rage.  

Picasso's Blue Period:  The Old Guitarist

Marks we make and how we paint or draw can also tell our mood or feelings.  Look at these examples:  What mood does the artist set in each painting?  How do the shapes and colors affect the mood?

Pink Field By Helen Frankenthaler
The Studio at Le Cannet, With Mimosa by Pierre Bonnard

Think of these examples and others that you already know as you watch this video and create your landscape with Ms. Ammons.  

Example Project by Ms. Ammons

Check your work!
1=D, 2=C, 3=B, 4=A
  • Were you able to connect three specific memories with emotions?
  • Did you use marks and forms that illustrate each feeling?
  • Did you use color schemes to match each feeling?
  • Did you meet your coloring goals in all three layers?

To turn in work, copy this code:  WCCP-WSTF

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