Sunday, February 7, 2021

Adobe Architecture and Kachina Dolls


This week, we will learn about the Native Americans of the Southwest.  

We will begin by looking at where they live, how they build their homes and what their buildings look like.  After we talk in class and watch a background video, we will become adobe architects!  

You will be designing your own pueblo with lines and shapes.  Watch this background video, and then follow along with Ms. Ammons in the second video to make your own picture.

Pueblo: Native Americans of the Southwest

Next, we will hear a Native American story, and we will learn about Kachina Dolls.  Kachinas were used to teach children stories of the gods who brought rain, lightning and other events of nature.  They were not toys, but they made it easier for children to learn all of the different stories.  

Let's hear a story:  Arrow to the Sun

Then, let's hear more about Kachinas!  What is a Kachina Doll?

Now, you will make your own Kachina.  In your art packet, you will find a cardboard tube, and a coloring sheet of a Kachina.  Color the sheet with bright colors, wrap it around the tube, secure it with glue, and then DECORATE!  You can use the feathers I gave you or other craft materials at your house.  

On FRIDAY, your work should be photographed and uploaded to Artsonia.  

To turn in work, copy this code:  WCCP-WSTF

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